Outdoor Expo 2016


Below is just a selection of exhibitor categories that you´ll find at the 2016 Auckland Outdoor Expo. Come join us at the ASB Showground 5-6 November to discover more!

Outdoor Activities / Equipment / Accessories Search & Rescue, Bungee Jumping,

Camping Vehicles, Bicycles, Wetsuits, Diving Courses,

Paddle Boarding, Air Hammocks, CS Live Gaming, Trampolines...

Tourism products and services Airlines, Railways, Tourism/Tours, Travel Agencies, Cruises, Wineries, Spas, Hot Pools/Springs, Tourist Attractions/scenic spots...

Other Products and Services Real Estate, Holiday Houses, Suitcases & Luggage, Gutter Protection, Foreign Exchange, Souvenirs Outdoor photography...

Exhibition schedule:
calendar.png Saturday 5th November 2016 9am-5pm
calendar.png Sunday 6th November 2016 9am-4pm
Visit the Auckland Outdoor Expo 2016
Everyone is welcome to join us at the ASB Showgrounds to check out some of the coolest exhibitions in NZ. Our customer-focused service guarantees the best expo experience not only for visitors but also all exhibitors.
So if you´re looking for the latest and greatest in motorhome, caravan, camping gear, outdoor apparel, outdoor furniture, BBQ gear or outdoor adventure and extreme sports - you don´t want to miss the Outdoor Expo!
217 Greenlane West, Epsom, Auckland

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